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Cameron Holden started building things as a child and started working in the industry in 2008. Cameron loves music, personal development, and creating with anything me can get his hands on. 
Cameron Holden - Owner
Sean Holden began working in the trades out of highschool to afford university courses, but soon discovered a love for working with his hands. In Sean's off time enjoys painting and crafting artistic pieces. He marries his work with his hobby and realizes perseverance and innovation is the cornerstone of any perfect project.
Sean Holden -
Semi Pro
Lauren is the most beautiful creature in the world. Besides running the best books every she loves interior design and planning spaces. Her passion and talents will soon take over the world and influence the market on how things look and are built
Lauren Rodgers -
Bookkeeping and Accounting
Nic is a dedicated and hard working individual who got into construction and renovation at a young age, helping out his dad on home projects. He is passionate about mountain biking, skiing, and agriculture. Nic stands true behind his word and believes that hard work pays off
Nic Rodgers -
Lead Pro
Shawn has over 15 years experience in the contribution industry. Mastering painting and carpentry and learning new skills at every job he can. Having two kids and magnificent wife shawn keeps his time pretty full being a family man.
Shawn Collin -
Lead Pro
Meghan graduated with a degree in marketing and aced all her classes. Moving into brand management is one of her passions besides binging new girl, loving her cat (yoda), and enjoying the company of a close friend. 
Meghan Douglas-Ezzat -
Executive Marketing Advisor
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